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Men's Barber Trends: 2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

How’s hair looking in 2022? From daring cuts to bold colours and all sorts of lengths and styles, men’s barbering is taking a trip on the wild side.

There’s always joy to be found in expressing yourself with a new haircut, whether you’re sticking with a trusty favourite or redefining your look. Keeping your hairstyle up to date is just as important as keeping your wardrobe on point. The team at British Barber Co have rounded up 6 men’s barber trends of 2022. Are you doing 2022 completely right, or completely wrong?

1. Redneck, rocker short Mullets

Let’s start with the short, redneck-eque mullets synonymous with 80s rockers and more recently, the controversial Netflix hit star, ‘Tiger King’. Take the trademark elements; length at the back, short at the sides, shagginess on the top, and align the elements with your style. Would you pull off the modern mullet?

2. Wild colour pops

The one thing all of these hairstyles have in common is that they require a certain level of commitment - and maintenance. Evident with wild pops of colour, this style is commonly a by-product of celebrity trends - like Footballer, Phil Foden’s iconic bleach blonde Euro's look. A statement if there ever was one.

3. Hipster Taper Fade - *Bristol Barber Favourite

For the style of hipsters, artists and well-dressed men in general, the taper fade style is one of the smoothest fade haircuts. Their popularity is explained by the clean look, thanks to the gradual fade of length on the sides and in the back. And the best part? It’s incredibly low maintenance, only requiring some light styling with a bit of gel or pomade.

4. Embracing the Curls

Like everything, the pandemic shifted our relationship with our hair. A side effect of this is letting a little natural out. With extra length up top, men with natural curls can show how cool and sexy curly hair can be. If you prefer short sides and back, with curly hair on top, go bold and build the volume up.

5. Taking on Texture

Texture means blurring the boundaries and redefining the edges of your cut. The shift from highly polished and quaffed hair, means the natural movement and texture of hair is accentuated rather than tamed. Adding layers of texture is the name of the game - and that goes for shorter styles too. Can you keep it sharp with a textured look?

6. The Buzz Cut

This is a great choice if you have thin hair or you’re starting to bald and you want a no-fuss haircut with minimal effort. Alongside a buzz cut, you might want to grow a little bit of stubble beard on your face to balance out the short haircut. For all you trend-conscious men out there, add more flare to your buzz cut with dye - perhaps counterintuitive to the minimal effort? What do you think?

British Barber Co: The Ultimate Barber Shop

Looking to embrace a new style? Or perhaps you’re already rocking one, but you need a refresh? We are one of Bristol’s largest and most experienced men’s grooming establishments with over 25 years of experience. From bold 2022 looks and beard styles, to fresh fades, we have got you covered.

With 3 barber shops located across Bristol, our professional and friendly team are always on hand. If you’re a new or returning student to one of Bristol’s great Universities, we offer a discounted rate of £15, before 5pm through Monday to Friday. Get your head ready for student life !


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